0Last year, 27 people died in India, half of them in the world|Last year, 27 people died in India, half of them in the world

Last year 27 people around the world by the self timer death half of them in India, the original title: surveys show that Indian for self and accidental deaths ranks first in the world [global network comprehensive report] who loves self prime minister in India, but the Indians in the self did not pay attention to safety. Survey shows that India due to the self timer and the number of accidental deaths in the world. According to the United States, "Washington Post" reported in January 14th, last year, the world’s self and the number of deaths caused by 27 people, of which half are in India. In the past 2015, some Indians in the speeding past the train, the ship, the cliff side or the steep bank of the canal when the self led to death. In September, a Japanese tourists in front of the Taj Mahal when falling down the stairs, causing serious head injuries. According to reports, 9 of this month, three girls in the place where the rock Bandera rock was involved in the Arabia sea. Cause a female and a male Dead Sea rescue. Police in Mumbai, India, said that after the accident, they have confirmed more than and 10 non self timer area. A Mumbai police told the BBC reporter, the police will let the city officials to take measures to reduce the threat of self timer in the famous tourist attractions, including the deployment of rescue workers and release warning signals. The police will also give a warning. Last year, due to the organizers worried that the self timer will cause congestion caused by the trampled event, in the place where the empty Palestinian pull rally also set up a non self". (internship compilation: Ju Yin Fong reviewer: Tan Liya) editor: Su bud SN226