0Know the beauty of the big V involving tax fraud of 60 thousand is actually the guy will surrender (|Know the beauty of the big V involving tax fraud of 60 thousand is actually the guy will surrender (

Know almost beauty V involving fraud donated 6 million is actually the guy to surrender (Figure) original title: know almost a netizen doubt sing "double reed" network fraud related to donate large V account Beijing News (Reporter Lin Fei ran) recently, almost friends accused of posting with users in the know illness almost lied, combined with high V donation. Later this behavior is friends found and reported. Last night, the Beijing News reporter from almost aspects to understand, know almost official has been with the police get in touch, for related events to report has entered the police in the preliminary stage, know almost aspects in police filed with the police work. Know almost big V suspected of fraud involving the network donated being meat may 2015, know almost friends through knowledge platform published a long article, said his department a suffering from congenital heart disease of female college students, mediocre family, parents for the gather operation cost and carried out the operation, then suffered a failure of the operation, there is no love, do not want to continue to rely on drugs to maintain life. Since then, a known as Yao Tong, the big V recommended the text, and said he personally went to visit the aforementioned users, hoping to raise money for their. Because Yao Tong has nearly 60 thousand fans, after the launch of a number of users have sacrificed their love. Since then, a large number of netizens questioned the donated by the still long anonymous, the accounts were human flesh search, and refers to the two known account actually is the same person all the man surnamed Tong, a native of, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 25 years old. On January 15, know almost friends to know almost to report the matter and posted "Tongyao" previously released almost a paragraph of text knowledge in, said the number of donations has reached 6 million, hope know almost respond to and investigate the matter. The suspected party to apologize and said it would go to surrender recently, suspected party children issued a post, apologized for their behavior, and said he was ready to go to the Public Security Bureau and their parents to surrender. He in the said they have mistakes, their parents know his behavior after the grief stricken, he as an only child, in published several articles and complacent to deceive the everyone’s good, hope friends don’t embarrass his parents. He also said that the fraud will refund money, wholly intact to everyone, "the Alipay me please don’t modify the password, I want to go check the bill, one by one, return the money to you. Please wait a little bit." Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing News reporter to enter the name of a child’s knowledge of the account, found that it has been empty, as of press time, the user has not yet responded to the Beijing News reporter sent to the Beijing News reporter. Know almost response: 300 feedback from users to donate 5 million previously, know almost aspects through the account know almost small housekeeper to respond to the matter said, has indeed received the suspected pretended illness, in know almost community fundraising, suspected of fraud, the report, hope made donations to the transfer of the users in a timely manner to inform know almost amount of donation, donation and donation account. Recently, know peace again said in a news release, said received a total of nearly 300 user private letter feedback donations, a total of nearly 500 million yuan, the current continues to receive feedback. We’ve given the information to the police. Yesterday evening, the reporter responded Beijing News reporter 6