0Killing 77 people in Norway, said the man in prison eat microwave food is not humane|Killing 77 people in Norway, said the man in prison eat microwave food is not humane

Norway killed 77 people man said in prison eat microwave food inhuman far right, Mr. Breivik had sued the Norwegian government violated his human rights. Norway government denies. Breivik is currently living in prison. (photograph: BBC website) (photograph: BBC website) Reference News Network March 17 reported British media said that a few years ago in Norway launched co-ordinated attacks, gunmen brevik in court alleges, Norway to with 5 years of separate detention penalty kill him. Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on March 17th, right-wing Breivik sued the Norway government had violated his rights. Norway government denies. Breivik told the court that if he had shot five years ago, he would have treated him like an animal. In July 2011, Breivik killed 77 people in two attacks. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison in 2012. This year 37 year old brevik once referred to Norwegian government long-term put him in solitary confinement, and put forward the complaint to their custody of the overall situation, including often use handcuffs. The Nazi salute this week, Breivik also in court up the Nazi ceremony. In March 16th he also said to the judge, he will fight to the death for Nazism in a day. However, after the judge asked him to stop, he did not attempt to repeat the March 14th Nazi salute in March 16th. Breivik praised the rise of the far right political parties in Greece and Germany, and said he had obtained the power from Hitler, and said he would not believe the violent revolution. Although the court had a live broadcast of his first day in Norway, the television station closed the camera when he started to read a prepared speech. "Countries trying to kill me" in a statement, Mr. Breivik complain that the Norwegian police to him the 885 strip search, including three years before he moved to Skien prison after five times. He also said that the prison to his food to be more difficult than the water punishment is also difficult to tolerate. "Over the past five years, the state has tried to kill me," he said. "I don’t think how many people would have to endure such a long time as I do." He accused the past 5 years, he was a separate prison, but suffered inhuman treatment, accused the government in an attempt to kill him, "for others should not live". The inhuman treatment, bulieweike mouth include: – the use of disposable plastic cups and disposable paper bowl. – eat a well-known brand "Fjordland" microwave food. — cold coffee. – can not see Nazi fellow friend and get married. — he came up with 2 books but was banned. — he thought himself because incommunicado for too long, resulting in damage to the brain, and he recently fans see reality show is the best brain damage example. Reported that Breivik is currently living in Skien prison, was transferred to the prison in here before, he in the IRA’s residence and security prison living. In Iraq, he also complained of "inhuman prison conditions". Editor: Su bud SN226