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Journey did not forget to take the handle "total iron" love the world "welfare warm heart – Sohu News Xinhua Beijing February 1 report (Fang Wei Qing) with the advent of the winter and the Spring Festival, the country has entered the" Spring Festival ". This year, with the return of the masses, in addition to the winter wind, there may be a journey of public service brings a bit warm. Recently, China Railway Company opened the love world railroad spring festival transportation public welfare activities, to guide the visitors in the Spring Festival travel initiative and dedication of love, help others, work together to create a mutual friendship, warm and harmonious travel environment. February 1st at 10 a.m., in the Beijing South Railway Station waiting hall on the big screen, the circulation of the "love the world" public welfare activities. According to the China Railway Corporation, the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department, during the event, in the Chinese Railway micro-blog and WeChat client account on the opening of the love line of the world. In the daily published and new media platform of railway organization timely release of travel information and tips; at the same time, the creation of a prize levy figure forwarding activities, let love sun passengers share in the spring of love the warmth of the moment. Beijing South Railway Station on the big screen "love world" public welfare activities propaganda film of China Railway Corporation Propaganda Department of the relevant responsible person said: "we will be in a timely manner through the form of text, graphic, video, H5 pages show journey warm, called on visitors and friends in the car space, mutual humility, mutual aid, and create a warm homecoming atmosphere." Xinhua net in the "China Railway" micro public see, since the spring, the public has released the Spring Festival transportation truck drivers with the most handsome n a moment ", the five minute animation film to find out the spring Jun ins and outs", spring micro film "spring travels" more exciting content, the performance in the form of live get the attention of users. It is understood that, in order to allow passengers to feel the warmth of the railway service, in the Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing Railway Station have set up convenience services, to help the needs of passengers to provide the greatest help. Beijing South Railway Station "loving service area in the Beijing South Railway Station waiting hall, there is a" run Qiu loving service area, it is named after the national model worker Zhang Runqiu, specifically for the sick and pregnant and others to help passenger service. In the service area, there are separated maternal and child feeding areas, the action inconvenience to the rest of the rest of the passengers and other tourist areas. Several young staff are talking to the passengers to understand the needs, and record the departure time of each passenger, arrange for passengers to stop on the train. Beijing South Railway Station staff is arranging seriously ill passenger waiting in loving service area, passenger Ms. Lee said, his daughter had just five months old, first with her daughter to travel, catch up with spring peak. With the help of the staff of love service area, it is very convenient, the heart is also a lot of practical. After a cozy arrangement of the maternal and child nursing district according to Zhang Runqiu, "loving service area with reservations, stop, ticket, on the train, the docking station a dragon service. Founded five years, love the service area has laid a good foundation for the masses, there are a lot of visitors ahead of this year to reserve a wheelchair, transfer stations and other services. There is a need for passengers through the Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station Zhang Runqiu, micro-blog,.