0Indian media India and Iran qiaba Hall Hong Kong construction speed or in response to the new networ|Indian media India and Iran qiaba Hall Hong Kong construction speed or in response to the new networ

Indian media: European qiaba Hall Hong Kong construction speed or deal with the Gwadar Port – China [Global Times comprehensive report] the times of India reported 18, said that in India Swaraj Foreign Minister of Iran’s first visit, the two countries reached a jointly promote qiaba Hall Hong Kong construction into the fast lane of the protocol. India plans to invest $20 billion to this end, the Iran special economic zone to draw the special economic zone to set aside enough land as a support. The report said qiaba Hall Hong Kong is located in southeastern Iran, bordering the Gulf of Oman and Iran wants to build the port for the coverage of the transportation hub of the northern Indian Ocean and Central Asia. The relationship between India and Iran has always been good. Despite the long-term Iran was the United States sanctions, but the import of oil from Iran, India has not been interrupted, and is the second largest crude oil customers in Iran. 2003, the two countries reached a cooperative development of the intention of the port, but due to the slow progress of Iran due to sanctions. With the current sanctions lifted by Iran, the two sides to accelerate the construction of the port will be very strong. At present, India has built a 220 km long highway connecting the port with Afghanistan. "Qiaba Hall Hong is the India Pakistan close contact response", said the Indian NDTV18, qiaba Hall Hong Kong from port of Gwadar and only 72 kilometers. India hopes to bypass Pakistan through the port, open up new routes into Afghanistan, to further strengthen economic and security cooperation with afghanistan. With the recent Pakistan reached $46 billion in energy and infrastructure cooperation agreement and accelerate the construction of Gwadar Port, Indian Prime Minister modi hope to accelerate the cooperation with Iran and other Persian Gulf countries. In February this year, the government of Iran in India to set up a company in charge of the port project, and to provide $150 million in credit. Qiaba Hall Hong Kong is the first foreign port of India is directly involved in the development and construction of the project, the annual throughput will reach 2 million 500 thousand tons. But Pakistan’s "express Tribune" reported that the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali? Mountain Hani last October visit to Pakistan, in qiaba Hall Hong Kong will and Gwadar Port Competition said, echoing said ports of the two countries will be cooperation rather than competition, Iran will not use qiaba Hall Hong Kong to suppress the Gwadar Port. (Zhen Xiang)