0Guangdong Media Shenzhen and Zhejiang to fight the lopsided playoff|Guangdong Media Shenzhen and Zhejiang to fight the lopsided playoff

Guangdong Media: Shenzhen playoff with lopsided next spell the death of Zhejiang lose the game playoff team Shenzhen hope have faded with the last night in the home defeat to Xinjiang, Marco Polo Shenzhen team ranking is beyond the Jiangsu team, down to the 10, in distance regular season all over the remaining 5 rounds of cases, they fall behind in seventh place in the Beijing team 5 wins. That is to say, only a slim chance of survival all in the eighth Zhejiang Chouzhou bank team, while the latter actually also has been the leading the team Shenzhen three wins. In the face of such a situation, I’m afraid the Shenzhen team is very difficult to keep optimistic, team this season for the home team must admit that their playoff hopes has been drifting further and further away the. Like most of the season losing games, Team Shenzhen yesterday’s attack and defense conversion without former fast and flexible, hit rate is not high, so although this is a they are very eager to win the game, but can not see too much home style. And the winners and losers for the Shenzhen team right now can be described as a key, after all the next 5 rounds they are at home in Zhejiang, war away Liaoning so directly in the face of strong teams matches, if can take in Xinjiang and the whole mentality should be entirely. However, the reality is so cruel, the future may be decided in the next round of the playoffs in the next round of the home and the Zhejiang team’s game. Nandu sports observer   Wang Yayun