0Australian Wu Di save the series failing not enemy No.102 stop the first round|Australian Wu Di save the series failing not enemy No.102 stop the first round

Wu Di, the Australian Open saved match point difficult to defeat not enemy NO.102 stop the first round (click to watch HD Photo) of sina sports news Beijing time news on January 18, 2016 Australia tennis open into the first match of the day. In the men’s singles first round of the focus of the war, the breakout from qualifying, Wu Di, the third time to participate in the Australian Open tournament is difficult to block opponents offensive firepower, although saved two match points, but still with 4-6 1-6 3-6 lost to the left hand Krajicek, no edge won Chinese male in Grand Slam singles victory in the first. A disk without losing from the qualifying winning three games to qualify, Wu Di will be the third time to participate in the Australian Open race. And the first two rely on a wild card to play different, this time the breakout from qualifying Wu Di is clearly more confident. Chinese young man first round opponent is ranked 102 in the world, Krajicek, the left hand of the American offensive firepower fierce, Wu Di will be a severe test. At the beginning of the game, Wu Di’s remarkable performance, before the end of three after the 2-1 with a slight advantage into the break. First Chinese guy force in the fourth inning get two break points, critical moment Krajicek enhance serve, even with four ball again. Take advantage of enhancing the morale of the Americans then took the lead in breaking the deadlock, bomb of a mind quoin aces, Krajicek established a 4-2 lead. Although Wu Di then serve in the no mistakes, but Krajicek did not give him the opportunity to regain a disadvantage. The United States will eventually left on the third count after winning the ball wins disk Bureau, with 6-4 xianbatouchou. Krajicek in the second set is completely occupied the initiative on the field. Wu Di only in the opening stage to get a serve, in a hurry to hand over the 1-6 victory. Yuezhanyueyong Americans began in the third set and then quickly made great advantage of 3-0. When Wu Dicai had answered a God to come, protect hair stopped even lost nine innings decline after, young Chinese man subsequently made the first break, chases after score to 2-3. Find the focus of the Krajicek hit the beautiful through the ball again after breaking the Wu Di serve. Shot in the aces, he took 5-2 to the final victory. Although Wu Di resolve the match point after catching a bureau, but the frustration behind the disadvantages of too large. With Krajicek a record two hair straight score, Wu Di on the 3-6 to lose the game, missed the promotion of the second round. (Benson)