0Asian American beam Peter case closed door meeting announced China News Service – not a reaction|Asian American beam Peter case closed door meeting announced China News Service – not a reaction

Meihua American Peter beam case closed door conference announced suggest China Agency response — in Beijing Beijing March 25, according to the newspaper report, the Brooklyn district attorney Thompson (Ken Thompson) local time 23 days afternoon 5 Xu in the prosecutor’s office building, 19th floor conference room held a closed door meeting, officially announced on the beam Peter probation sentencing recommendations. Thompson’s statement was issued, immediately in New York, China News Agency has a huge shock. New York China News Agency has a huge shock in favor of the declaration of a person with its Thompson once issued, immediately in New York, China has a huge shock. Est linked to CCBA consultant Zhao Sheng very excitedly said, results of Thompson’s sentencing recommendations and the development of the case has been very satisfied, after all, in the case of someone dies, African youth Ge Li’s life is a life, and in this case beam Peter also made a mistake, the prosecution if sentenced Peter beam is unfair, now to set him, let him to take responsibility for their own mistakes, he thinks the pretty fair. Zhao Sheng also said that another success of the event is that it lets all the Chinese together, which includes not only New York, even in the United States of Chinese unite together, people have the money to pay, powerful output, even old people in action, braving the cold lined up to donate money. He said he even had an idea, that is, to establish a permanent fund in the community, when the Chinese people suffer unfair treatment, with the fund and the lawyer team to fight for China’s fair. Asian activist League chief called Chen Shanzhuang, said Thompson’s proposal looks good, the sentencing results are also considered satisfactory, but it is still unfair. Because although lenient sentence the beam Peter, but with in the body of his charges were still, could not be overthrown, Peter beam was convicted of murder. Broolyn prosecutor Thompson. Data photo Chen Shanzhuang said Thompson to double standards, the use of selective judicial way to deal with the case, in itself is not the way of the public, so they have to continue to fight. He said that at present they have applied for the program will be held in April 9th or 10 of the demonstrations have not been canceled, and they have applied for the rights parade will be held again in April 17th. On the afternoon of 23 in the Brooklyn prosecutors closed door meeting in Brooklyn, director general of the Asian Federation of Li Jianghua that Thompson made sentencing recommendation to accept, because the case is the key of winning and losing, important is through the event let more Chinese people stand up and voice and expression, the understanding to Chinese is no longer the ball and kicked to kick him, and thus also let the Chinese voters awakening, that the interest of the Chinese community is not rely on charity to and rely on their own hands the votes to win. Beam mother: lenient sentence is not public, Peter’s life has been destroyed for attorney in Brooklyn Thompson on 23 issued to a lenient sentence statement of Peter beams, beam mom HAGA said that I do not know the prosecution whether acting, so she said what is premature, she only with my own ears heard the judge sentenced to believe. She also said that even if the public is not lenient because of his son, Peter’s life has been destroyed, all of them will.