09To curse! Book Hao 57 seconds is difficult to crazy in 4 of the 16 Hao brother missing helper – Sohu|To curse! Book Hao 57 seconds is difficult to crazy in 4 of the 16 Hao brother missing helper – Sohu9

To curse! Jeremy 57 seconds in 4 to 16 crazy brother ho want help – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 30th, the road to the nets 108-110 encounter stag lore, failed to usher in the new season’s first two game winning streak. Although the Jeremy Lin field contributed 12 points and 10 assists in 16 pairs, but he threw in 4, and again in back-to-back games exposed in the physical aspects of the short board. However, the "brother Hao" performance is not stable and the team center Lopez holiday also have a certain relationship. Beat the Pacers yesterday ushered in the first victory of the new season, Jeremy Lin scored 21 points and 9 rebounds and 9 assists three double data, is absolutely the first of his nets. But because the center Lopez in the fight against the consumption of too much physical challenges today, back-to-back bucks, Lopez holiday can not play. Lopez can not play, but also has the wound in the body of Foye, which means that the nets on the offensive end will all depend on one of Jeremy Lin’s energy, in addition to personal attack, "Hao brother" to try to help the team to find the feeling, this is definitely a "father and mother" rhythm. More bad, Jeremy Lin and nets team in the opening stages into the slow rhythm. Like a Indy, the nets team on the offensive end without feeling, there was a 4 minute scoring drought, but Jeremy Lin seems to be a good feeling in the game all the time only two exhausted, only 2 of 9 shots, only 5 points. Jeremy Lin is the only highlight of the first half of the second stage of the opening. With Patrick in the first quarter at the end of three, the nets stopped the downward trend, while Jeremy Lin is in the second opening stage led the bench during a 10-3 spurt, one of Jeremy Lin’s driving layup is very exciting. Physical fitness and defense has been the focus of criticism of Jeremy Lin, which also makes "Hao brother" in back-to-back performance becomes particularly interesting. After playing a 21+9+ data, Jeremy Lin in the state of the doldrums, which also allows the outside world to find the black Jeremy Lin strong evidence. The whole game, Jeremy Lin every day only a field goal, even though the audience got two pairs of data of 12 points and 10 assists, but 16 of 4 shots, 12 shots follow the reality is very cruel. The last 57 seconds, Jeremy Lin briefly broke out, he was the first to make a foul after the whole of the penalty, after the "big brother" offensive side assists teammate hit 3 points, ". It is this 57 seconds short of madness, success will help the nets tied the game at 108, the nets also saw the match into overtime, and ultimately counter attack of the dawn. Unfortunately, before the nets player Huanguo to God, then the Bucks substitute Henson with 11 seconds left, the successful completion of the lore, shattered Jeremy Lin after 57 seconds of madness. (Luan Taiwan)