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On the growth and development of children (three) – in addition to the growth of healthy children Sohu including developmental growth and skeletal system also includes the development of physical, neurological and mental development and reproductive system, introduced as follows: the nervous system has a visual sensing function development, 1 neonatal visual, short gaze object, due to ocular adjustment ability poor, can only see things within 15-20cm, 1 months at source, began to head eye coordination, 3-4 months to see his hand, 4-5 month hand eye coordination action, see the red, 1-1.5 years old can be fixed on the far distance 3M toys, 1.5-2 year old eyes adjusted, visual acuity was 0.5, 5 the age difference between color and vision for 0.6-0.7, to 6 years old, eyesight 1. Such as maternal TROCH infection, premature oxygen intake over the history, the baby does not look at the mother, the bright colors to watch for a short time, nystagmus, strabismus, etc., need special eye examination. In addition, myopia, hyperopia diopter showed a trend of younger age, parents should reduce the viewing time of children’s electronic screen, the increase in outdoor activities, regularly check the children’s eyesight. Born in 2, the development of neonatal auditory due to indoor eardrum not inflated and amniotic fluid retention, poor hearing, 3-7 days after hearing development is quite good, the sound of breathing rhythm and other reactions, January can distinguish "bar" sound, 3-4 month will turn to the sound source, call name word response said in June 8 months, began to distinguish the meaning of language, his eyes quickly look to the sound source in October, 1 years old can understand his name, 2 years old to 3 years old can understand simple instructions, fine different voices, at the age of 4 to complete the development of hearing. The high-risk deafness family history, maternal TORCH infection history, neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, otitis media, such as children and ototoxic antibiotics application for hearing impaired performance suitable for hearing suspicious special inspection. The development of sports, sports development refers to 3 greatly relates to arms and legs, foot muscles or body movements, such as climbing, running and jumping, the development of milepost: 4 months looked very stable, 6 months can hold your hands forward alone can consciously from supine position to stand up or from supine to prone position for 7 months, 8 months can sit by double upper limbs forward to climb, November can stand alone for a moment, 15 months alone can stabilize, 2 feet and can jump, 30 months will jump on one foot. The development of fine motor 4, fine motor movement is small relative to the large movement, development of milepost: 3-4 month holding reflex, 6-7 months 9-10 months of turnover, available thumb and index finger pick up objects, like paper, 12-15 month 1.5 scribbles, can be folded 2-3 square blocks, at the age of 2 overlapping 6-7 blocks party building, will open book. Parents should make full use of toys and items appropriate to improve fine motor ability of the baby, children playing with toys and articles, to grasp, through touch feeling and visual contact promote brain development. 5, the development of language development language to the pronunciation, understanding and expression of the 3 stages. The newborn will have been crying, 3 months Hui