09Official website Jeremy just substitute level guard can not help the nets transformation (video)|Official website Jeremy just substitute level guard can not help the nets transformation (video)4

Official website: Jeremy just substitute level guard can not help nets transformation strength priceless! The inventory of the 2016 season Jeremy Lin 6 classic game Tencent sports news September 4th NBA official website "30 days 30" prospective column today on the new season nets were analyzed. A prediction which pointed out that the lack of superstar nets than any team in the situation worse, although this summer by Jeremy Lin is a clever and full the vitality of the players, but only the bench level, the team failed to bring change. Official website: Jeremy can’t help the nets transformation in the official website, the reconstruction will be a long process, in this process, the team can only survive in the throes of the nets, from the lineup structure, may be worse than any team, they lack the real leaders, and young potential shares the team, which makes their rising space is limited, and the team trading chips are scarce, until 2019, the nets will have their own first round pick. Strategic mistakes is the result of the nets now passive key, they in the past few years could be targeted restructuring, picks up, clean up the salary space, but on the contrary, the team is somewhat anxious, they had tried to set up the Milky Way warships, around the former all star players Deron Williams to build the team, the the ship eventually sank the Milky Way warships. In the summer, the nets for three years the price of $36 million to sign Jeremy Lin, the latter is also considered the team new season after the engine, but in the official view, Jeremy Lin did not bring change to the nets. The article pointed out that Jeremy Lin is a smart and energetic player, his past achievements are popular with the fans, but Jeremy Lin has been difficult to replicate linsanity’s performance, his current status is a bench level guard, just the occasional flash. According to the official website of the nets new, promising rookie – caris the 2 meter 01 Luft, shooting guard pick in the first round of this year twentieth, he is also considered to be among the team rotation, and make a good contribution. In fact, the nets in the offseason also had a bold action, they had paid offer Portland Yaoxing Clubb and Miami’s Taylor Johnson, in this regard, the official website also said, do not know where the nets general manager Sean Marx’s move to the energy from the nets pay enough, or Marx bold behavior. In the comment nets general manager Marx and coach Kenny – Atkins, the official website said: "this group is very young and full of vitality, bold style, but was unable to create a miracle." At the same time, the official website also admitted that the nets may also bring Brook Lopez traded to Boston, some consolidation, the lineup altogether, the team really want to improve, but also take a long time. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.