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This dish is the most effective clean blood waste — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: this dish is the most effective garbage clean blood blood is the source of nourishing the body, it flows over the body tissues and organs. But with the increase of age, there will be some "junk" blood, if they cannot be timely to "clean up", will cause the blood is clean, thicken, the circulation is not smooth, thus affecting the health. At this time, might as well by some on the table vessels "scavenger" to assist the body in clearing the rubbish in the blood, a cleaning body. Blood sugar stabilizer: Pu’er Tea tea mild stimulation to the spleen and stomach is relatively small, many containing tea polyphenols and other healthful ingredients. It was found that Pu erh tea has a significant inhibitory effect on diabetes related enzymes, which is helpful to stabilize blood glucose. Recommended eating: Pu’er tea is recommended between two meals to drink. When brewing, use 100 degrees of boiling water. Drink Pu’er Tea best wash, because most Pu’er Tea is next year or even years after drinking, easily deposited dust, wash tea can reach the purpose of "Di Chen Yun tea". Lipid regulators: oats oats are rich in beta glucan and dietary fiber, can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the body, a good role in regulating blood lipids. Moreover, oats can bring a strong sense of satiety, so that people are not hungry for a long time. Recommended to eat: it is recommended to choose the most "pure" oats, whole grain, is large, not small, and no added sugar and creamer ingredients such as oatmeal. Can the congee, add some nuts, nutritious and delicious. Blood pressure control agent: celery celery is rich in potassium and apigenin, they are conducive to the control of blood pressure. A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association hypertension suggests that proper consumption of celery juice does help lower blood pressure. Recommended to eat: Cooking celery to less oil and less salt, otherwise it will weaken the role of celery antihypertensive. The celery cold boiled water, or directly used to drink juice. Circulating catalyst: black beans black beans are rich in anthocyanins, can eliminate free radicals and reduce cholesterol, promote blood circulation. In addition, anthocyanins and eye protection. Recommended to eat: anthocyanins were more stable in acidic conditions, with vinegar is conducive to nutrient absorption in soybean. Cook before first black beans cooked, let cool, pour vinegar to make it not black, but need to set aside about 13 of the space, so as to avoid the overflow of black soybean expansion. Cover cover after soaking, such as black beans can be eaten after full expansion. Black beans can also be used to make Soybean Milk or soup. Blood purification agent: kelp is not only a high iodine foods are rich in dietary fiber and pectin, pectin component which can be combined in the blood of harmful substances, such as heavy metals, with detoxification, the role of blood purification. Recommended to eat: the bubble can be directly kelp hair, made of seaweed salad. However, due to the cool nature of the kelp, the proposed cold body, physical weakness, people can eat some of the kelp stew tofu, after high temperature heating, and can cool the kelp. (: Sheng, commissioning editor Xu Xinyi)