08The elf assassin 1 blasted 25+3+2 battle array when he stormed arrow!|The elf assassin 1 blasted 25+3+2 battle array when he stormed arrow!7

The elf assassin 1 blasted 25+3+2 battle array when he stormed arrow! Lu Wei scoring ability to show sina sports news Beijing time on October 10th, NBA preseason, the Losangeles Lakers to 124-115 victory over the Nuggets in. Lakers first point guard Lewis – 29 minutes of play, the cast of 8 in the vote, three points in the cast of 4 in the game, the team’s second high of 25 points, plus a total of 3 rebounds and 2 assists, and the audience did not appear to be wrong, and a total of 15 points, a total of $7. Since the start of the preseason, the Lakers biggest change is the replacement of the original Lu Wei into the starting lineup, and replace Jordan – Clarkson’s starting point guard position. To know that in the Byron Scott era, Clarkson has firmly secured the first position two. In fact, the outside world has long been accustomed to the role of Lu Wei as the sixth man, after all, he was the best sixth person in 2015 NBA. But the Lakers coach Luke – Walton apparently have their own ideas, and let the fluffy start in the Lakers’ system is plausible. First of all, Dean Gilo Russell was the first set to guard and offensive core of the organization, which means that he needs a lot of the ball. The same young Clarkson is a two – point guard, he also needs the ball. So the Lakers must make a choice in this regard, compared with Clarkson, Lu Wei attack without the ball better, apparently also experience more rich, so he and Russell playing in the backcourt may be more appropriate. Since the start of the preseason, Lu has been the Lakers’ starting point guard, and he seems to be adapting to the new role. The game, Lu Wei in the offensive side of the performance is very efficient, especially in the fourth quarter, he showed an outside line breaking up the true colors. When the parents left in the fourth quarter of 8 minutes and 45 seconds to debut, the Lakers 89-93 behind the nuggets. Since then, Lu began his scoring performance. With 6 minutes and 52 seconds left, Lu Wei scored a goal of $three to help the Lakers narrow the gap to 1 points. Later, he even scored 12 points, making the Lakers lead the Nuggets at a time of 6 points. During this time, Lu Wei scored three points and free throws. In the end, the Lakers won the game, and Lu Wei scored 25 points, second only to Russell, and the score of 15 points from the fourth quarter. After seeing the Ravenea performance, the reporter Eric – he wrote on Twitter: "I still don’t know how to fit the Ravenea Lakers squad, but he can score quickly when the team needed." This is precisely the strengths of Lu Wei, and why he was able to become the league’s best sixth man. Indeed, Lu Wei is a pure scorer, but when the team needs him to score, he is often able to come forward. As for whether the road is suitable for the young Lakers core lineup, at least from the preseason before the three game, his fitness is not a problem, especially with Russell partner starter. It is worth mentioning that, Lu Wei can not only play the ball attack, as a former bench guard, he has a certain ability to attack organization. The first section of the game, Lu Wei and Mozgov completed a delicate two people, and with the ground to pass