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Read the public opinion: the Rio Olympics hot words Panorama – Sports – People’s network on August 22nd, with Malakar Nanay’s Olympic flame slowly extinguished, which lasted 17 days of the Rio Olympics officially ended. People’s public opinion monitoring room statistics 133 words of the Olympic Games, through the news, newspapers, forums, blogs, micro data at the end of a weighted calculation of the two, to draw the Rio Olympics hot words panoramic image. From the perspective of the Rio Olympic Games, it can be seen that with the passing of the date and the change of the schedule, the attention of the hot words will also be changed. At the same time, these words have short term, long term, there are a lot of hot words appear in pairs and the same trend, these hot words focused on swimming, table tennis, diving, badminton, volleyball and other events. With the opening of the "grand opera, shooting, diving, swimming, the game started, some short-term hot words heat swells, such as" Tully "and" Yi Siling "," Zhang Mengxue "and" Wu Minxia ", the" Olympic Village "and" thunder "flag Tucao stop fencing 32 strong heat is low. Women were high hopes, especially after winning popularity soared, heat far more than the opening ceremony "," Sun Yang "," Lang Ping "," Chu Ting "," Hui Ruoqi "is also the focus of netizens hot words. Long term hot words, the "Olympic spirit" throughout the Olympic Games, the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee also apologized for the wrong Chinese flag. The swimming competition, "Holden" to "Sun Yang" on the "doping" attacks, the media and users of the two reports and search volume surge, and with Sun Yang won the gold medal in the 200 metres, "doping" event has ended. "Fu Yuanhui" is a long line of hot words, since the 100 meter backstroke semifinals after the interview to the end of the Olympic Games are to maintain a high heat transfer, conceal the Olympic spirit with "the power". In addition, since the start of the Olympic Games users of the "Ning Zetao" will maintain a high degree of concern, swimmer Phelps won 23 gold also agitate public opinion field. In table tennis, "Ding Ning", "Li Xiaoxia" concerned about the trend is almost the same, lost to the "Ai Fukuhara" is to get the favor of many users. "Malone", "Zhang Jike" the trend is almost the same, the same time, "Liu Guoliang" the heat is also higher, the Olympic Games at the end of the field of public opinion on the "lecture video" to add heat. The badminton competition, "Lin Dan" and "Li Zongwei" love to kill by the field of public opinion, "Chen Long" after the gold "thank Lin Li" and said that "they are a netizen applause at the greatest athlete of this era". In addition, "He Zi" and "Qin Kai took the silver to marry him" are also a pair of hot words, hotter than gold "Shi Tingmao" Olympic entertainment trends fade. The "house of Jin Jie", "bell angel" not only in the Rio Olympic Games won the first gold bike project, with Peking Opera they Helmet – "Mu Guiying" and "Mulan". The Olympic games. The track and field events, "Boulter" no accident drew long hot words for myself with strength, "the relay" ridiculous replay was also criticized for foreign media to enjoy special treatment". (Zhang Fan, commissioning editor Yang Lei), the discourse of the race)