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Pay attention to menstrual diet – health Sohu according to medical principle and folk experience, menstruation became common law diet taboo. Women in order to be healthy and beautiful, menstruation can not be arbitrary, what to eat what to eat. Menstrual diet is quite particular about. [1] how conditioning menstrual diet the week before menstruation began to diet. Should eat light, easy to digest, nutrient rich foods, eat more beans, fish and other high protein foods, eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, more water, to maintain smooth stool. 2 before menstruation should not eat salty food. Because if the salt and water storage capacity increased, women in menstrual cramps before, because estrogen and progesterone were reduced, prone to edema, headache and other phenomena. If you usually taste heavy, some a week before menstruation began to eat a low salt diet. [menstrual period you want to eat] 1 warm, warm up food: Chinese medicine believes that the blood is hot, cold is stagnant. The female menstrual eat warm food, such as soup, barley porridge, noodles. Can eat some beef, chicken, longan isothermal and nourishing food in winter. 2 iron containing food: women have about 30 to 100Mg of blood loss during each menstrual period, about the loss of iron from the ~ 15 ~ 30Mg. Therefore, should eat more foods high in iron, such as fish, lean meat, egg yolk, animal blood, animal liver, milk and other 3 fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements, can enhance the female menstrual resistance, relieve fatigue, adjust the mood. But beware of pears, bananas, water chestnuts, seaweed, Herba Hyperici japonici is "cold" foods, the menstrual period should be used with caution. [1] the period you want to eat cold food: female menstrual must not eat cold, otherwise it will cause dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation. 2: spicy foods such as pepper, cloves, pepper and so on, if the female menstrual eating will cause dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia. 3 fried food: Women’s menstrual period is a taboo. Of course, mainly from the point of view of beauty. Because women’s menstrual period increased sebum secretion, skin greasy, while telangiectasia, skin becomes sensitive. 4 tea: tea is helpful for health care, but in the menstrual period to be treated. Because tea contains 50% tannic acid, and iron binding molecules in the food to form a precipitate, prevent intestinal mucosa of iron molecular absorption, and menstrual blood loss is the peak of iron; tea can be refreshing, because tea contains caffeine, the menstrual period to eliminate easily cause excitement of the food, otherwise, dysmenorrhea, headache, backache, mental stress can aggravate the PMS. So the female menstrual period should be careful not to drink tea, drink tea. 5 carbonated drinks: carbonated drinks contain phosphate, so that iron is difficult to absorb. In addition, sodium bicarbonate and gastric juice and beverage, will reduce the acid digestion and bactericidal effect, and affect the appetite. Therefore, it is best not to drink carbonated drinks.