07Malone was a red net the love landlord silly son|Malone was a red net the love landlord silly son1

Malone was a red net: the love "landlord silly son" Malone was netizen called "landlord silly son" and compared to the previous Olympic Games because of this action, the Olympic Games, everyone for each team are very interested, not just their superb skills, no ball can be the enemy of the record, the point of interest is extended to the athletes outside, life, and even their daily activities, and players and coaches, which was "digging" most is the men’s team captain Malone. The Olympic Games in the past, Malone had been "Red Net", for a variety of scripts online crazy pass, Malone smiled and said, "so good, everyone happy, table tennis propaganda is greater". Talk about the game – "no sleep" Zhang Jike final men’s singles final swept the defending champion Zhang Jike, men’s team final one to get two points, no matter is in the eyes of Chinese fans or foreign media wrote that Malone is "devil hundred-percent". But the 18 final against South Korean player Zheng Rongzhi that game or some thrilling, Malone lost the first one in the game, second had 10 to 7 lead, but opponents even after five points, with 10 than 12 defeat. "The first thought was that I was dreaming." Malone recalled, the day of the game is not how bad I played, but too anxious, want to get ahead of the first to make their own mentality better. But it was a good day". 0 to 2 behind after coach Liu Guoliang let Malone change clothes to adjust, "there have been 0 to 2 or even 0 to 3 behind the case when the team practice, since already so, can adjust the attitude as start a fight". When asked if it was the most difficult game of his own, Malone replied: "yes…… Bar, difficult…… All very difficult." Malone found it difficult, and everyone looked at it. After the game, Malone is a "God blocks deicide, kill the Buddha Buddha block", even if it is only the final, and Zhang Jike Zhang Jike after a stalemate, as is "asleep", "I don’t feel like he slept, the first game everyone played very good, everyone wants to win the first because of this mentality, will lead to establish a psychological advantage, so a very fierce fight. After all, he is a champion, but also a Grand Slam winner, the pressure is certainly bigger than me, after winning a game, the next few innings did not give him a chance to fight back". Talk about the China team – mate civil war "the most difficult" to foreign media and most players don’t understand is two players of China before the war, but also practice the scene. Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia in the women’s singles final, there are foreign media asked you before also speak? Do you practice your skills and tactics when you practice with each other?" They think there are some truth, but in China table tennis team sounds ridiculous, "the two of us had been playing together to practice. Table tennis team has always been like this, as long as the final is a civil war between the Chinese players, coaches generally do not guide before the game, let us practice". In Malone’s view, and live with Zhang Jike for more than a decade, there is no secret at all, know each other.