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Let "green apple" is no longer bitter   lack of education is the sixth grade students in a primary school in the growth of youth "short board" — people.com.cn Health Channel – Guangdong Zhongshan city is people.com.cn adolescent education classes, to video content, children reaction and different expression. Ye Zhiwen photo "forbidden fruit" why "bitter"? Domestic young people in the online self-learning knowledge, become the main way of sex education. But the network information easy for teenagers to amisunderstanding uneven in quality, and even distorted the concept of 3Run of Sichuan was a female college student, in the second year, she unexpectedly suffered a nightmare experience. The boys Xiaoliao is small university students, usually more exchanges. One day, Liao Yue went out to play 3Run late dinner, drank some wine, Xiaoliao to Xiao Zhu opened a room, send Xiao Zhu back to the room, forcibly had sex with 3run. "I didn’t think he’d do that, when the brain was blank, and I didn’t know what to do." That day, Xiao Zhu had the darkest night of life". "I All thoughts are blasted." 3Run awake, while little Liao Shushui would pick up the mobile phone to the family, teacher, classmate call. However, no one answered at dead of night. Suddenly, she remembered the "love project" Hu Zhen, Xiao Zhu heard Hu teacher education lectures. Hu Zhen is a professor of Teachers College of Chengdu University, director of the Sichuan youth sex education base, has a wealth of experience in adolescent education. Unexpectedly, Hu Zhen’s phone was switched on. Hu immediately reported to the police for her, and with 3Run school contact. Later, after several psychological counseling, Xiao Zhu finally got out of the shadows. There are about 300 million children in our country, every year there are more than 20 million young people enter the sexual maturity period, sex education has become a short board". Adolescent children easily steal the taste of "forbidden fruit", but because of the lack of health knowledge, they often taste is bitter "green apple". In 2010, the State Council Working Committee on women and children of the office, the United Nations Population Fund, Peking University population research institute cooperation Chinese adolescent reproductive health survey report shows that in China there are about 60% unmarried adolescents, hold a more tolerant attitude to premarital sexual behavior, 22.4% had sexual behavior, of which more than half in the first sex without the use of any method of contraception. In the premarital sexual behavior of female adolescents, more than 20% of people had had unwanted pregnancy, of which up to 91% of non pregnant women choose abortion. "Green love project" is a charity project sponsored by the China children’s charity foundation. The project was founded in 2006, through raising the social capital, the national primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to build "green love house", to help the school to carry out mental health education, health education etc.. As of now, the "green love project" has 21 provinces and cities in the country to build "green love hut" 800, the establishment of 11 "green love project" base and 9 workstations. "Green love project" director of the office, Beijing youth love Education Foundation Chairman Zhang Yinjun said, young people