06The Yao Mingjin Hall of fame ceremony will be conducted by Tencent ESPN to explore the basketball Sa|The Yao Mingjin Hall of fame ceremony will be conducted by Tencent ESPN to explore the basketball Sa8

Yao Mingjin Hall of fame ceremony will be Tencent ESPN ESPN reporter visited the shrine on the basketball hall of fame Jordan the last battle of the Tencent in September 8th is close to the floor for a lot of sports news NBA players and international players can be selected for the NBA Hall of fame represents the highest honor. The hall of fame is not just a virtual honor, the hall of fame building is located in Springfield, massachusetts. Today, let’s go to the hall of fame with the lens of ESPN and Tencent. Yao Ming’s Hall of fame Basketball Hall of fame is the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame, the choice of Massachusetts Hall of fame address is also because it is the birthplace of basketball. Basketball Hall of fame is a three storey building, rather than a memorial hall, more like a museum. On the three floor of the building, all kinds of exhibits and collections including some extremely precious a superb collection of beautiful things, jerseys, shoes and historic items. In April of this year, Chinese player Yao Ming was inducted into the hall of fame, becoming the first Chinese player to win the award. And by September 10th will be selected ceremony of the East, we can finally close contact with the hall of fame and the unique style of the ceremony. In the hall of fame at the door, there is a statue of Dr. basketball founder Naismith, and his hands holding a first enclosed basket. Then we also saw the 1998 finals Jordan down to win the championship when the foot of the floor of the floor, Russell. The shoes to the showroom, more is to let people see hualeyan. On one wall, filled with the United States flag red, blue and white three colors of the same basketball shoes. In the next Jersey room, we saw the 20s Jersey, but how to look, this shirt is more like a pajamas. In the next set of jerseys of the 30s of last century, we even saw the existence of such a decorative belt. Wearing a belt to play, but also drunk. The next two shirts, one looks like a long sleeved sweater, and the other is a vest, but the material is also a wool. And one of the most important parts in the hall of Famer is the showroom, exhibition room covered with all members of the hall of fame photos for visitors to worship. Hall of fame has a very demanding requirements, so Yao Ming can become a member of the hall of fame as a player, is very worthy of our pride. In the hall of fame memorial hall, there are a variety of interactive games. Can you and Durant than the length of the arm, and can also Katebi bounce. In the hall of fame, and a special basketball field, could not help but let Shouyang fans personally end to show your own strength. (Dudu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.