06Iverson will coach James Former rivals invited AI to join the Knights (video)|Iverson will coach James Former rivals invited AI to join the Knights (video)3

Iverson will coach James? Former rivals invited AI to join the Knights of the coach Iverson James former rivals invited AI to join the Knights Tencent sports news September 13th Iverson had been kuaxiazhiru the Cavs coach tyronn Lue said that Iverson can become a good coach, he invited Iverson to coach the knight. Tyronn Lue invited Iverson to Cleveland coach perhaps, we have the opportunity to see Lu and Iverson once again to stand on the court, but they are no longer the opponent, but to command the coach of the team combination. Lu and Iverson were rivals, 2001 finals the Lakers vs. 76, Lu as the Lakers’ defense against Iverson jones. Lu on the defensive end to try to limit Iverson, he also paid the price, fell in battle with Iverson, Iverson was a cross over, the camera has become a classic picture of Iverson occupation career, Lu into the background plate. For the time to 15 years ago, he has his own views, he said: "you are always the memory of that moment, why not mention is we won the championship. We won 4 games after that. I think you guys should be on the anniversary." When Lu and Iverson is a bitter enemy, and now the relationship between two people already do not like that. Iverson entered the hall of fame in the door of the door referred to Lu, said he and Lou has become a good friend. Lu confirmed Iverson said in an interview, said: "he is like my brother, I saw him in the hall of fame is very happy, he is one of the greatest players in NBA history, he received this honor is well deserved." In the hall of fame speech, Iverson mentioned that many point guards have become excellent coaches after retirement. Lu Xianran Iverson is talking about this type, he won the championship knights in the last season as head coach of the first season to become the winner. Lu on the coaching success, Iverson has no access to the coach industry and success? "Yes, he can come here and work with me," said lu. Coach Iverson? If you really can come true, it’s gorgeous, 96 golden generation champion Iverson, coached 03 golden generation champion James, plus the 2011 champion Erwin knight, from the coach to the players are top configuration, that is how terrible ambition. However, in the NBA in the history of great players are often difficult to become a good coach, only a few successful cases of bird, the fundamental reason is that a lot of things on the pitch in the great players seems too simple, they are difficult to understand why the other players do, such as "the magician" during the 1993-94 season he coached the Lakers for a short. Players can not see some passing was unbelievable, Ta had to remind the "magician", not everyone has his talent and ability. Unconventional Iverson if you are going to perform, this is very exciting. (coin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.