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A small creative transformation as public: three Internet plus public welfare — practice vision — people.com.cn a small idea, also can bring a new look for the public welfare. In September 3rd, a Beijing Charity Foundation officially inaugurated in Beijing, dozens of guests from the central office, society, Chinese act NASA lunar exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center, marine institute, and hundreds of business people witnessed the completion and the Establishment Ceremony of the first donation project. In April 2016, a public interest from the original creative charity in Shenzhen, bud, with the new technology of the Internet, and public service model innovation rapid radiation, provides more exploration for the development of China’s public welfare under the new situation. A public fund said at the inaugural ceremony, the future will continue to practice the public four goals around, everyone welfare and public welfare; a little heart sinks into good flow; teach a man to fish, pay attention to the development of "three big expectations, more prudent and efficient, continuously promote the public process of landing, the state power the supply side reforms. A public idea sprout triggered national media continue to focus on development after more than thirty years, Chinese public welfare has achieved remarkable results, but the new situation of rapid development in recent years based on mobile Internet, public utilities are facing more and more challenges and change, a public service is a new product on the basis of the exploration, and quickly by industry wide attention. In April this year, "a public service" in Shenzhen was born, with mobile Internet technology innovation based on supply chain management innovation as the core, the creation of "a technology business alliance mode, combining with the traditional business model of public service model, put forward the new concept of" normal consumption is to do public service ", and through the" continue to explore Internet plus public welfare ", to realize the socialization of public welfare, traces of systematic and persistence, for China’s public welfare injected impetus. So far, a little charity has reached a total amount of donations of thousands of dollars, and its operations management center has also landed 37 provinces nationwide. As general secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "the only innovators win!" Under the new normal, innovation driven as a new driving force is essential, it is not difficult to see that a little public welfare is a major innovation in the traditional mode of public interest management. The rapid growth of a little public attention. In Baidu news search a little charity, the search results of more than 11 million, people’s daily, Xinhua, public welfare times…… Many central and local media on the development of a little public concern. In July this year, Hubei, flood disaster, a Wuhan public management center quickly raise 1000 cot, 5000 quilts to the front, people.com.cn reported subsequently published an article, "Internet plus unknown than known, a public interest is ongoing on Internet public exploration of the unknown." In addition, relying on the nationwide operations center, "a public China" large-scale charity activities also recently started to form a national tour Star Charity, arouse the sustained attention of public welfare society. It is reported that in September 10th, the first charity will enter Chongqing,)