05Why does iron three attract elite athletes 4 ways to make you almighty|Why does iron three attract elite athletes 4 ways to make you almighty6

Why does iron three attract elite athletes? 4 ways to make you all-round triathlon is a data map of a comprehensive project. It attracted many other athletes, such as Eric (baseball) – Robert bales and Jensen Barton (F1), hoewing Lawrence Ward (rugby), Mike Richter (ice hockey) and Sean Green (basketball). Why does iron three attract so many excellent athletes? May be pure love, mate or want to challenge on the Kona TV report? In fact, swimming, cycling and running as basic training is also helpful to improve the potential of other sports. In other words, iron can let you become a better player! Swimming to make you stronger if the lean, muscular football, basketball, baseball player or other items thrown into the water, they are likely to like a wounded fish. Of course, these people are likely to follow the "10000 hour rule" will be in a way to become a master, but those skills can not let you do well in the water. The feeling and movement under the water is very different from the land or air, so it is necessary for the athletes to learn to move more accurately, effectively and efficiently, and learn how to breathe. Studies have shown that swimming (especially in the restricted swimming), although significantly different from running, but it can improve running efficiency and effort. When you learn to crawl, underwater jogging and other simple movements, athletes can have better coordination. Injured iron three players will also find the pool is the best tool to restore the damage, it can provide a very low impact of the ultimate blood flow recovery combination. This means that tennis players are injured in the knee but can swim, they will be able to maintain the maximum oxygen training, and will not run or play because of the joint injury. This could make it faster and healthier, and it will take longer to complete. How to ride a bike makes you stronger. Many of the advantages of swimming are the advantages of cycling. Although less than the coordination of the need for swimming, but in the event of injury, cycling is to maintain the level of a non impact. But for other athletes, the benefits of cycling are far more than the role of rehabilitation tools. Cycling can help any player rapid fat loss. The strenuous, glycolytic or maximum oxygen intensity training of cycling makes it a good tool for improving the ability of athletes to build up a buffer and lactic acid, a stronger leg and a more efficient lung. As with swimming, cycling can also improve the running efficiency and saving, but also enhance the rhythm of the pace faster, so exchange leg in running, skating and other needed items, you can improve performance. How long can not only make you stronger as long as long-distance cycling, but also significantly enhance the flow ability of athletes endurance, focus, tenacity, perseverance, refuse to be cowed or submit (depending on the temperature regulation and running style) there is a slight improvement in the running efficiency and labor saving aspects. In other words, football or soccer players training for long distance races may indeed improve the performance of a hundred meters, while reducing fat, increasing their ability to cope with 3 hours of competition and improving their attention and concentration