05Sina Financial Evening News October 31st evening news summary of the impact of the market|Sina Financial Evening News October 31st evening news summary of the impact of the market1

Sina Finance Evening News: October 31st evening news to influence the market competition: summary of the national investment adviser at King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the macro news state: complete annual economic and social development of the main objectives and tasks according to GOV.cn news October 31st, October 31st Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, listen to the State Council third major inspection reports on the situation, to promote the reform and development and improving people’s livelihood policy measures to determine the effective landing; comprehensively promote open government rules, promote the government more transparent and efficient. October PMI data show that the public will continue to maintain the momentum of expansion of China logistics and purchasing Federation, the National Bureau of statistics will be released on October PMI data in November 1st. The market is generally expected, October manufacturing PMI is expected to be flat with last month’s 50.4%, or even slightly rebounded last month. In recent months, the manufacturing sector has maintained the momentum of expansion, August, September manufacturing PMI was steady at 50.4%. 31, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar rose sharply by 217 yuan, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar rose sharply by 217 points, at $6.7641, at $31. According to the announcement of Chinese currency net 28 days CFETS data show that the RMB exchange rate index was 94.15, compared to October 21st fell 0.15, BIS basket of RMB exchange rate index was 94.98, down 0.03, SDR basket of RMB exchange rate index was 95.56, down 0.21. RMB trend puzzle conjecture: steady growth is better than the stable exchange rate, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar close to 6.8 mark. This year, the RMB continues to face the pressure of capital outflows, foreign exchange reserves have not changed the situation of shrinking. In this regard, senior researcher, China Financial Forum forty former State Administration of foreign exchange BOP Secretary Guan Tao believes that in the face of steady growth and stable exchange rate conflict, China’s monetary policy should give priority to steady growth. The future trend of the RMB may have three cases". Former president of the board of directors of the Chicago stock exchange, Zheng Xueqin believes that the Fed will raise interest rates in the short term push up the dollar, but limited impact. The central economic work set the tone: monetary policy to prevent the risk of anti bubble in October 28th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting set the tone for a period of time in the future macroeconomic policy. Has China’s GDP growth rate for the three consecutive quarter in 6.7%, the meeting of the political bureau pointed out that in order to effectively implement the proactive fiscal policy, ensure the reasonable fiscal expenditure, increase support for poor areas and difficult provinces. To maintain a prudent monetary policy, while maintaining adequate liquidity, focusing on the suppression of asset bubbles and the prevention of economic and financial risks. The central bank adviser: the supply of real estate market is more prominent in October 30th, to attend the 2016 World Conference and the first block chain Internet plus manufacturing innovation development forum and delivered a keynote speech at the people’s Bank of Chinese adviser professor Sheng Songcheng. He said that China’s real estate market supply problems are more prominent, China’s current real estate regulation should focus on