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Hong Kong media: Taiwan tourism circle million people struggle is only the tip of the iceberg – Beijing [Global Times reported] in September 12th, by the Taiwan tourism industry spontaneously formed "million tourism self-help", launched more than million people marched in Taipei in the rain. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" 12, published a signed commentary, the parade is after the Ma Ying-Jeou administration in 2008, before the opening of mainland tourists to Taiwan since the Cai Yingwen years, the tourism industry of Taiwan for the first time with dissatisfied foot collective. "5? 20" after, although not resorted to the Henzhao, but the earth trembled and the mountains swayed "still have a trick, only one goal: to force Cai Yingwen to accept the" 92 consensus". The article said, depression, bitterness, complain more. In Taiwan people’s purse if you continue downsizing, will certainly take your frustration out on the government. Beijing foreign, if Cai Yingwen’s answer is not satisfactory, Taiwan international terrorism more isolated situation. The rating agency editorial said 12, on both sides of the official exchange shut down for more than 3 months, Cai government really anxious. Lu did not come, the tourism industry collapse, the industry took to the streets to launch 12 people to fight. This is just the tip of the iceberg, after the cross-strait economic and trade, international participation, and even diplomacy, the problem comes one after another, these are not able to bear the weight of Taiwan and Cai Yingwen. "Lianhe Zaobao" said, "92 consensus" and the identity of both sides of the Strait is one of the two sides set up in Beijing, "talk password". If Cai Yingwen can seize the opportunity, not only blocked the green pressure, and make Beijing satisfied with the discussion, that’s better. But from Cai came to power after a series of practices, are not friendly, such as change class, support independence groups to the United States to promote "in the name of Taiwan to join the United Nations", on the terrestrial land with the discrimination, even before the car fire killed off land even refused to send a note. "Cai Yingwen, to produce a satisfactory answer to Beijing," I’m afraid is not optimistic". The national Taiwan Research Association Deputy Secretary General Yang Lixian on the 12 day of the "Global Times" reporter said, Ma Ying-Jeou’s 8 years the peaceful development of cross-strait relations has caused Taiwan to the mainland, cross-strait exchanges and cross-strait economic and trade cooperation depend on the both sides, now cold climate change makes Taiwan tourism will become a victim. She said, now Cai Yingwen did not dare to admit the "92 consensus", dare not deviate from the direction of the green camp, while the mainland is not on this concession. So there is no solution to this problem, the final solution may be that the economy is not working in Taiwan, will have to admit that the 92 consensus, because after all, blue and green to eat." Global Times special correspondent Xiao Shiyan Global Times reporter in Taipei, Ni Hao, the new season in harmony [] [] [] [] [] [] []] []] [Global Times reporter in