04The Celtics will retire kg truth Jersey this team will soon be available!|The Celtics will retire kg truth Jersey this team will soon be available!2

The Celtics will retire this team jersey KG truth is not available! The former champion two group of sina sports news Beijing time on September 27th, according to Boston media reports, the Celtics media day, the team general manager Danny Anji said the Celtics would retire Kevin – Garnett and Paul – Pearce’s shirt. In the summer of 2007, the Celtics formed the three giants, the next summer, they won a NBA championship. Last weekend, 40 year old Garnett officially announced his retirement. Today, Pearce announced again last season. When asked if the green shirts would retire KG and Pearce’s Jersey, Anji said: "please, you know the answer." Though not say, but Anji has clearly default Garnett and Pearce’s shirt will be retired in boston. Speaking of KG, Anji said: "KG’s influence in the Celtics is not inferior to anyone I’ve ever seen in this team. He never cares about himself, he only cares about the team." Anji also called Pearce one of the greatest players in the history of the Celtics, and he believes Pearce can play for another few years. "I won’t believe it until I see him officially retired." He said. As the history of the NBA traditional giants team, the Celtics so far have retired 21 numbers, are: Walter Brown (No. 1), Auerbach (2), Denis Johnson (No. 3), Bill Russell (No. 6), White (10), Bob Cousy (No. 14), Tom Heinsohn (No. 15), Tom Saunders (No. 16), John havlick (No. 17), Dave kons (No. 18), Tang Nielsen (No. 19), Bill Sharman (No. 21), ed Macaulay (22), Frank Ramsey (No. 23), Sam Jones (No. 24), K.C. Jones (25), Cedric Maxwell (No. 31), Kevin Mchale (No. 32), Larry Bird (No. 33), Reggie Lewis (No. 35), Robert Parrish (No. 00). (Rosen)