04The ball to enhance the rate of offensive upgrade Iraqi foot control data replay in the Warring Stat|The ball to enhance the rate of offensive upgrade Iraqi foot control data replay in the Warring Stat1

Data replay in Iraq: soccer ball to enhance the rate of offensive upgrade China source:   football newspaper reporter Chen Yong Shenyang reported Chen Yong; compared with the last game against South Korea, Chinese team’s performance is improving, and the 12 race "isolation" for too long, China team is through competition slowly find this event feeling. Despite the seemingly five defender, but unlike South Korea game is that Gao Hongbo had put the idea of a more offensive formation, two side Wei Ren hang and Zhao Mingjian returned to the fullback position in the defense, but in the attack is very firmly pressed to the front, similar to the winger Zhao Mingjian even position. Compared to zhongyizhizhan and South Korea war, the biggest change is the increase in the thickness of the midfield, the effects are actually very positive: Chinese team in the backcourt more control force, attacking threat of Iran greatly reduced, but on another level, the national team quality back there was serious decline. The ball significantly enhance the rate of Zhang Xizhe said in an interview after the game, for the game, the national team preparing for the very full, in Iran the characteristics of a comprehensive understanding, he said, has been corroborated in the game. In the analysis of China and Korea war, we have been talking about the South Korean team to suppress the Chinese team overall, such as the rate of the ball 2 times in the China team; the number of passes 2.6 times in Chinese team, passing success rate 1.6 times in China team, the team in the first half, China data more ugly. But in China and Iran in the game, we saw a group of distinct data: ball, Chinese team only slightly behind 49%:51%, the number of passes, China team to 374:417 slightly behind; the success rate in passing, but slightly ahead of Chinese. In fact, look at the progress of the game we will clearly find this point: Although the Iran team played a seemingly unstoppable, but in fact the whole game no great break opportunity, but to make more use of long shots, or efficiency is not high in the header, but there are a few wide cross knock very threatening, but the road the players did not follow up. Behind the change, the real reason is Chinese team to strengthen the control of the midfield and in South Korea in the game, China team is the standard 5 guard play, because after the defense player was pressed into a line, after they get the ball or feet, or to the midfielder player, but the front waist players Wu Lei and sun, only two players, can not achieve effective transfer and control of the ball, the ball changes too fast but also to the national team’s defense has become very passive. But in the game and Iran, we found that Zhao Mingjian and Ren hang position is very alive, too large when the pressure, the Orangemen occasionally formed 5 guards, but under normal circumstances, Zhao Mingjian and Ren hang a man in the midfield, Chinese team like the back 4 configuration, and in the extreme the case, Zhao Mingjian and Ren hang down in front, Chinese team formed 334 formations in the attack, there are three central midfielders on the ball, Zhang Yuning, Wu Lei, Zhao Mingjian and Ren hang in front of waiting. Such a change, let the Chinese team.