04Glory Phone Booster Tencent super Penguin basketball championship to become the chief sponsor (video|Glory Phone Booster Tencent super Penguin basketball championship to become the chief sponsor (video3

The glory of mobile phone power Tencent supertux basketball masters become the chief sponsor of the penguin masters five stars, 35 seconds to sign McGrady cishiping with pot lore Beijing time on September 8th, Tencent announced to join the mobile phone glory sports super basketball Penguin masters, officially became its chief sponsor. Glory phone will continue to go deep among young people, bold cross-border cooperation in science and technology, sports and music fields. Mobile phone power glory on the evening of September 10th Shanghai penguins masters Baoshan stadium staged super basketball sports Tencent Penguin masters, glory China District spokesman Wu Yifan with Jam Hsiao, Jiang Jinfu, Bai Jingting and other domestic entertainment star, NBA legendary superstar Tracy McGrady, cishiping, and Olympic champion Sun Yang and star sector on the same stage, bring a cross match UPS for the majority of fans and fans. Since July 11th this year released the glory 8, a popular idol Wu Yifan and the glory of the indissoluble bound. Wu Yifan is an entertainment star, is also a super basketball fans, in this year was invited to participate in the NBA all star game in the NBA Masters tournament by Tencent sports and NBA. Now, Wu Yifan is the glory of the brand ambassador of Chinese District, plus the Tencent sports sponsorship glory super Penguin masters in basketball, star IP added and young people who love sports resonate, further demonstrates the vitality of glory. The Tencent organized the first super Penguin basketball masters, from the perspective of "sports and recreation", with luxurious line-up and professional level, it is understood that the Tencent supertux basketball players worth masters both teams have exceeded 10 billion yuan, also at the scene into the opening fireworks, singers fancy basketball, cheerleading performance, KISS CAM and other aspects of the game, to attract more sports, Pan Pan entertainment group, so that more young people to pay attention to and participate in sports. It is also closely linked with the new youth culture that has always been advocated and delivered, and its "brave to do their own" brand proposition. Chinese as the most influential Internet Co, Tencent and glory has repeatedly in-depth cross-border cooperation, and the two sides in the Tencent super Penguin masters basketball together, relying on the Tencent and the Tencent to build a strong basketball masters of their own IP influence, glory will get more extensive attention to the brand. Glory will uphold the value of a friend in the future, the glory of the brand in the potential energy of a strong breakthrough, will also give the user a more distinctive surprise and experience. In the Tencent sports basketball celebrity site, users can also experience the glory of Wu Yifan’s 8 mobile phone.