04Every day on the arm, insist on half a month later, there was such effect – health Sohu|Every day on the arm, insist on half a month later, there was such effect – health Sohu2

Every day on the arm, persist after half a month, but this effect – Sohu health in life, many people encountered such a situation: a period of time after the meeting, once the old friends, old classmates, but like a different person. There are spots, dull face, is also a kind of go. A lot of people will sigh, the years are really old! However, most of the time, time is not the most important factor, the body out of the problem, only to see the old! Every knock, follow the route of detoxification we beat the arm section is by e.. Tapping the arm is beating the large intestine. The large intestine itself is the "preacher", it will be the body of garbage output in vitro. It is good for the body to keep the large intestine unobstructed! 1, toxins Chinese medicine, e. "conduction officer", the main function is to transfer the dross, every day more than 50% of the toxin from the body through the stool. In 2, intestinal patency is the longevity of the foundation of Han Dynasty physician Wang Chong pointed out: "the desire for longevity, self cleaning intestine". Intestinal patency is an important indicator of human health, but also the foundation of longevity. 3, to help intestinal health, prevention and treatment of constipation through large intestine, help intestinal health; if the large intestine through the blood block, meridian obstruction, will lead to constipation. Long term constipation makes the accumulation of toxins in the body, it will reduce the viscera function caused by other diseases. 4, detoxification, enhance human immunity in large intestine patency not only solve constipation this thing, it can effectively make E. exert their functions, strengthen the efficacy of detoxification. When the large intestine is discharged from the body in time, the human blood, organs and gas will be purified, so as to enhance the immunity of the human body. 5, strengthen lung function, nourish the skin "the lung and large intestine, large intestine Qi, Qi unobstructed, can promptly excreted toxins, ensure the normal lung function. Lung main fur, lung, and the human body natural complexion moist, delicate and touching skin. Large intestine through two points, disease prevention and treatment! There are two important points of the large intestine, respectively, Hegu, Quchi, should also focus on health care. 1, Hegu: pain, preventing cold in the back of the tiger’s mouth, massage the acupoints has good analgesic effect, such as the treatment of toothache, headache, sore throat, Hegu acupoint is preferred. Often massage Hegu also effective prevention and treatment of colds, hypertension treatment and remission has certain effect. 2, Quchi: heat, purging fire detoxification, elbow, cubital end is the point. Quchi for the heat, purging fire, detoxification of the first point, especially for febrile diseases, have good antipyretic effect. Quchi is also a health care point to everyday massage, help hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive. Every hand knock, if feel tired, can use a rolling pin instead of fists, than by hand knock effect even better! On the large intestine should remember, not to be confused with the lung, because they are closer to two. Large intestine is from the bottom up, this must remember. Beat one arm for about 10 minutes and then switch to the other arm. Meet the pain points can be more than a minute to beat ~ adhere to half a month later, his face is good