03Note that the soup and the body! 4 wrong soup, don’t make the Sohu health…|Note that the soup and the body! 4 wrong soup, don’t make the Sohu health…3

So pay attention to | soup, body! 4 wrong soup, don’t do it again… 4 big mistake – Sohu health soup, not to do it again! Only the soup, do not eat soup residue have been test, fish, chicken, beef and other protein rich raw food and cook for 6 hours, looking soup has very strong, but the protein digestion rate of only 6% to 15%, and more than 85% of the protein remained in the "slag". After a long time of boiling the soup, the "slag" food taste is not the best, but one of the peptides, amino acids are more conducive to the body’s digestion and absorption. Therefore, in addition to eat liquid people, should advocate the "slag" soup and eat together. Love to drink "the flavor of the soup" every kind of food contains nutrients are not comprehensive, even if it is rich in amino acid taste excellent "soup", still lack of the body can not be synthesized "essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, to promote the use of several animal and plant foods mixed soup, not only can make delicious superimposed on each other, also make more comprehensive nutrition. Love to drink hot soup detrimental, drink the soup is more suitable for 50 DEG C. Some people love to drink hot soup, in fact, the oral cavity, esophagus, gastric mucosa can only bear the highest temperature of 60 DEG C over this temperature can cause mucosal burn. Although after scalding the human body has its own repair function, but repeated injury easily lead to gastrointestinal mucosal canceration. According to the survey, like to drink hot eater esophageal carcinoma. The soup bubble Steamed Rice this very bad habit. For many, many years to come, but also their digestive dysfunction, and even lead to stomach. This is because the human body in the digestion of food, need to chew for a long time, saliva secretion is also more, this is conducive to lubrication and swallowing food. Soup with rice mixed together to eat, the food is not chewed in the mouth, and the soup a into the stomach, which not only make people "dull", and on the tongue taste nerve did not get sufficient stimulation, not many gastric and pancreatic digestive fluid produced by Tang Chongdan, and also, can not eat food get a good digestion and absorption. A long time, it will lead to stomach trouble. Drink eight principles, to remember the morning, the most suitable for drinking broth broth rich in protein and fat, can be maintained for 3~5 hours in vitro digestion, avoid people in the morning 10~12 this time, prone to hunger and hypoglycemia. Different seasons, drink different soup, such as summer, should drink green bean soup; winter, it is appropriate to drink mutton soup, etc.. Seasonal diseases can be prevented. Body fat, drink a bowl of vegetable soup before meals can satisfy the appetite, but also conducive to weight loss. Thin body of people with high sugar, high protein soup can enhance physical fitness. Pregnant women, breast-feeding women, as well as the elderly, children, can eat half a bowl of soup before eating to supplement the body needs calcium. Don’t drink soup before menstruation, suitable for mild drink nourishing soup, so as not to make too much and cause menorrhagia. Sense