01Milan winter window purchase Brazil genius + renewal by the Paris Sohu – poaching thigh core sports|Milan winter window purchase Brazil genius + renewal by the Paris Sohu – poaching thigh core sports8

Milan winter window purchase Brazil genius + renewal by the Paris Sohu – core thigh poaching sports of Milan winter window purchase Brazil genius and renew core Beijing time on September 23rd, "Italy football" news, AC Milan and the upcoming Bonaventura contract, the two sides will sign a new five year contract, the contract period to the summer of 2021, the annual salary will be doubled, to 2 million euros. The 27 year old Bonaventura aged 27, midfield, Italy international, from Atlanta in the summer of 2014 to move to AC Milan, for a fee of 7 million euros, then signed a contract until the summer of 2019, has not changed. Last season, Bonaventura outstanding performance, on behalf of the AC Milan competitions in 39 appearances, scoring 7 goals and 10 assists, play a key role in the team, the club decided to renew his contract. In addition to the renewal team backbone, AC Milan will also transfer from the market to strengthen the squad because of Chinese signings, the consortium will take over the Rossoneri at the end of the year, so the club will be in January next year during the winter window off Ho purchase. Italy media "slow motion" broke the news, AC Milan is considering the introduction of Brazil talent cale, the biggest competitor is Lazio. Koko was a 23 year old guard, also served as a defensive midfielder, Brazil international, St Paul youth system trained players into the first team since 2011, on behalf of the team played close to 200 games. This summer, on behalf of the Brazil Olympic Kaiao played in the Olympic Games in Rio, with Neymar, Jesus and Barbosa together to help the Selecao get their first ever Olympic gold medal in football. It is reported that the contract with St Paul Kaiao expires in summer of 2018. About the future of the Columbia striker Baca, although repeatedly said he was very happy at AC Milan, but his future at the San Siro this summer and is not optimistic, almost leave the Rossoneri, but he just didn’t want to join West Ham this "underdog", so I decided to stay in Milan AC. Last season, is shown in the thigh level VacA AC Milan, scored 20 goals in 43 games, is the team’s top scorer, in the serie a top scorer behind Gonzalo Higuain and Dibala, ranked third in the new season, Chewbacca; continuation of the excellent competitive state, 5 league games and scored 5 goals, almost single handedly carrying forward the Rossoneri, will gradually get out of the quagmire, ranking second in the top scorer. Italy media "Turin sports newspaper" broke the news, in Ibrahimovic after leaving the team, Paris Saint Germain interested in Baka, unfortunately, because the team Neifeiou players quota is full, Chewbacca was forced to give up; Baca for outstanding performance, it is quite possible that Paris Saint Germain Manming summer he decided to buy out, of course, China sports AC settled in Milan after the club not bad money, the Rossoneri may prevent the French nouveau riche poaching. Italy media, the transfer market, sources said, because Pasa Ricci can not get the opportunity to play in the hands of, AC Milan consider early termination of his loan contract. This summer, Pasa Ricci on loan from Chelsea’s move to AC Milan, the Rossoneri even paid 1 million euros. Since the new season, Pasa Ricci has never played for AC Milan