01London, Beijing, the two Olympic Games, the Olympic Committee of the 75 people involved in medicine |London, Beijing, the two Olympic Games, the Olympic Committee of the 75 people involved in medicine 6

Beijing London two Olympic 75 drug related challenges by the credibility of IOC IOC credibility challenge yesterday, according to foreign media news, International Olympic Committee and other relevant organizations, for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympics athletes urine is re examined, results quite shocking — two Olympic Games more than 75 athletes were found doping violation. At least 40 people have won medals. This also means that at least 40 medals will be obtained by. According to a statement from the International Olympic Committee, the doping test was designed to provide a platform for fair competition for all clean athletes. Shocking 75 athletes use illicit drugs from yesterday, foreign media reported that the International Olympic Committee drug review made new progress. Following the "Mcclaren report" after the announcement, the Russian athletes were banned in the Rio Olympics, International Olympic Committee and related organizations to increase efforts to detect again on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympics athletes urine storage. At that time a large number of negative results showed, and now re detected as positive. The two summer Olympics, 75 athletes in the re investigation of the use of illegal drugs has been confirmed in the process, which is at least 40 people have won medals, which has more than many national delegation medals. Illegal athletes will be canceled, the medal is also facing back and re enacted to those who fill vacancies well enough to athletes. Such a big rewrite of the results, it is sufficient to explain the history of the Olympic Games will be rewritten. But it’s far from over. Compared with Rio exposed before the Olympic Games involve almost all the Russian athletes secret investigation, this time can not be determined whether these violations of the behavior of the players is dominated by the State Sports department. With further investigation, there will be more and more drug users to pay the price. This is an amazing number of challenges "thoroughly discredited reputation suffered ioc. This number is incredible, unbelievable." Kasper, executive director of International Olympic Committee, said: "we have lost credibility. Dishonesty is a serious problem." Kasper refers to the recent time the Olympic Committee has repeatedly announced the issue of medals. Just last week, the IOC announced for the 18 athletes of punishment, that is to recover the medals, void and suspension and so on, the local time this Monday and punished 12 people. As a result, some of the players who failed to stand on the podium before receiving a late medal. The most embarrassing thing is that even the sixth players on the project, suddenly became a bronze medallist. However, some of the athletes because of drug use and others without a medal, may have been 4 years ago or 8 years ago have changed their fate. ·, the American women’s high jumper, said she had participated in the four Summer Olympics and won no medals. But last week, he received a congratulatory message from a rival at the Beijing olympics. Originally, the top three players in the process of re examination urine were found positive, so Joe