01FIFA interview with Zheng Zhi the effectiveness of Hengda is destined to enter the world cup (video)|FIFA interview with Zheng Zhi the effectiveness of Hengda is destined to enter the world cup (video)8

FIFA: an interview with Zheng Zhi effect is the fate for Hengda country foot into the world cup FIFA interview with Zheng Zhi: a chance to enter the national football World Cup is the chance to join Hengda sports Tencent in September 29th FIFA website broadcast an interview with Evergrande captain Zheng Zhi, Zheng Zhi reviewed his occupation career, talked about football China improve and grow at the same time. Expect the Orangemen can dream into the 2018 World Cup in russia. Zheng Zhi first talked about how he is stepping into the football industry, I was born in Liaoning, the Chinese football territory occupies a very important position. At that time Liaoning won many national championships, my father is a big fan, I exposed, from childhood love football, and embarked on a road occupation player". An interview with FIFA Zheng Zhi in 2007 to join Hengda captain Zheng Zhi Charlton of the English Premier League, was in the best league in the world, this experience also let Zheng Zhiyongsheng unforgettable, Zheng Zhi admitted that this experience is very good, "the Premier League has a strong competitiveness in Europe, I can go to the Premier League is very lucky, I accumulated there enough experience, and those with high levels of access to the club and the players, this is my occupation career is very important for a period of time". When the end of Zheng Zhi’s career after joining Liuyang, was also in a Guangzhou Heng brigade. In recent years, Hengda brilliant record, 5 consecutive win in 2 and won the AFC Champions League trophy, now the team to win the Super League and FA Cup double target sprint. Zheng Zhi talked about why he agreed to join the invitation to join Hengda, although Chinese football is still lagging behind the European football, but I still look forward to one day return to play football. Hengda found me, they are ambitious, I look forward to working with the team to create brilliant. Over the past few years, I have experienced a lot of things with the team, it is also possible to go to Hengda football coincidence". With many world-class brand of foreign aid, also make the Super League level rise, Asia has become the highest degree of concern of the league. Zheng Zhi said the arrival of big foreign aid, contribute to the development of Chinese football, "foreign players coming to the Super League level more and more high, this has prompted more high level players to play China, which also makes football China forming a virtuous circle. With the high level of foreign aid training together, I can feel a lot of different things". Countries to enter the Asian Games in the top 12, the next will be to enter the 2018 World Cup in russia. Zheng Zhi is also very much looking forward to the world cup, all players in the country, are eagerly looking forward to be able to represent Russia in the world cup in Asia, and in this goal unremitting efforts. Each of the 12 teams in Asia is not easy to deal with, we do not have the advantage, but we still have a strong competitive edge, any team won the right to qualify is not surprising. All the Chinese players and Chinese fans are looking forward to the Chinese team to play a high standard, scored 2018 World Cup in russia." (drop)