01Anthony surprise Jeremy Lin nets face happy for him (video)|Anthony surprise Jeremy Lin nets face happy for him (video)7

Anthony: surprise Jeremy Lin nets face happy for him, Jeremy Lin Hornets period sudden strong Erwin singled out the Clippers team sports Tencent October 8th news according to the "New York post" reported that Nicks star Anthony said he was surprised to be the face of Jeremy Lin players, but he refused to talk about the relationship between two people. Anthony was surprised by the book ho into franchise player Nicks and nets has undergone great changes, Nicks’s face is still Anthony players, the player is now the nets face Jeremy Lin this summer, the nets and Jeremy Lin signed a three year contract worth $36 million. Tomorrow Nicks will face the nets in the home court, Jeremy Lin will return to his fame, but this time he brought Anthony the feeling of surprise. "Jeremy Lin is the team’s face, whether you believe it or not." Anthony said, "he played well last season, the nets gave him money. Now the ball is in his hands, and now he’s one of the privileged players there. I don’t know what you want me to say, I’m happy for him, excited for him." Believe it or not, Jeremy Lin is the color nets in the first show, he got 21 points in 17 minutes, 11 shots hit 7 balls, including three from 8 in 5. Under the leadership of Jeremy Lin, the Nets beat the pistons. And Anthony in the recent game with the Rockets, 13 shots in only 10 points, the result of the defeat of the to 103-130. Jeremy Lin and the relationship between the topic of Anthony, is not a secret. Earlier media reports, when Jeremy Lin set off in 2012 after the madness, and he was very jealous of him and the exclusion of the crowd on the other side of the world in the year of. Stoudemire said so, even during the madness of the forest coach DAntoni, also admitted that the two can not coexist in the presence of. Anthony just doesn’t want to talk about it. "That was 5 or 6 years ago, man." Anthony said, "I’ve forgotten it." Nicks want to forget their defeat, after losing to the Rockets, Anthony and the team have said that the team did not play in accordance with the tactical plan to play in the game of the game in the game of the game. Anthony said after two days of training in tomorrow’s game with the nets, their defense will be completely different. "I know tomorrow we will play a better game than the last one." Anthony said, "we will stand in the same position, make a game plan, and implement the game plan. It will be a different game, everyone will be different from the last one." When he left Nicks, Jeremy Lin signed a third year contract with the Rockets for a $15 million contract, which Mr Anthony said was ridiculous. But in any case, Nicks coach Hornacek or give the affirmation of the. "He’s a great player." Hornacek said, "he is a clever player, he can play well. Now in the nets, he won the ball. When the regular season comes, you have to try to slow him down." (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.