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Microsoft: Xbox PS4 Pro – obviously Scorpio rolling gap Sohu SONY PS4 Pro digital to $399 since the price listed is still good sales performance gains, which makes Microsoft for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio host more confidence. Microsoft Xbox business leader Phil Spencer recently stressed: Xbox Scorpio is targeted for those high-end hardcore game player, it has a strong performance, so the price will be higher. Phil Spencer said, Xbox Scorpio will be by far the strongest performance of the game console, computing power can reach 6Tflops, all the first game works will support 4K resolution. All in all, the performance of Xbox Scorpio will exceed PS4 Pro, the gap between the two can even be described as "obvious". Currently, the industry generally speculated that Xbox Scorpio will be the same pricing strategy with PS4 Pro to $399 price listed. The idea that, even if the performance of the dominant Xbox Scorpio, but it may not be able to beat PS4 Pro, after all, the foundation of SONY’s new host is not bad, but there are new devices such as PS VR to enrich the experience.相关的主题文章:

A 39 year old man from parents to marry from home to work down to the Ningbo Internet cafe steal noo-windjview

A 39 year old man from parents to marry from home to work down to the Ningbo Internet cafe steal noodles news today, Internet bar boss Chen to Ningbo Yinzhou Wuxiang police station, he caught stealing the instant noodles. Chen boss said, in the early morning of October 11th, he saw the shop too tired, lying on the counter asleep, woke up is 8 in the morning. At that time, he found a small cafe a box of instant noodles, a monitor is a strange man with the. Coincidentally, the evening of October 16th at about 6 to five, he Township Xincheng village friends home, passing a temporary housing, saw the house of the people very familiar, it is the man who stole the instant noodles in monitoring. Chen boss caught the man surnamed Zhang, 39 years old, from Jiangxi. Zhang is also a story of the people. Originally in the home to do the painter, the monthly income of three thousand or four thousand yuan, as to why to leave home, according to his argument is the parents urge marriage. His brother was married and had children, and he was a bachelor. In the face of urging parents, he said he did not want to get married, but personal conditions are not very good, did not meet the right, can not stand the nagging parents, he simply chose to leave home to work. However, Zhang did not mix up in the outside, did not save any money. Not long ago, he came to Ningbo defected cousin, in the textile city of a garment factory to find a Baochibaozhu work, did not do long were dismissed. Later, he defected in five towns of the villagers, rented a house, because temporarily can not find a job, money was spent. October 11th early in the morning, Zhang woke up a little hungry, touch pocket money. Then, he was ready to go outside to take a chance to get up, riding a broken bicycle started. Finally, he came to the boss of the Internet cafe, see no one noticed, quietly holding a box of instant noodles…… The next few days, in order to save money, he almost only a day to eat a packet of instant noodles to maintain life. Currently, Zhang has been administrative detention by the police. Source: Ningbo send client相关的主题文章:

Russian hacking Wada size Viv Byers medication data is

Russian hackers WADA size Viv Byers medication data were released Serena sina sports news Beijing on September 14th news, according to The Associated Press, a man named Fancy Bears of the Russian hackers successfully invaded the World Anti Doping Agency WADA database, including the Williams sisters, gymnast Byers, American female athletes to take part in the Olympic Games in Rio confidential medical data in the online public. WADA acknowledged that the database has been compromised, the hackers released medical data belonging to the "therapeutic use exemption (Therapeutic Use Exemptions, referred to as TUE), which confirmed that athletes have the premise of medical need, can take some medicine to be included in the list of banned substances in. According to data released by the hacker group, since 2010, the Williams sisters on the medical aspects of the ITF has been approved. Serena Williams was last (P Nixonn Ron approved the use of corticosteroids, mainly used for anti-inflammatory) in June 2015, 6 days. Previously, she received methylprednisolone, including hydromorphone, oxygen can take license ketone and prednisone of these drugs. In 2010 to 2013 years and has been allowed to take over triamcinolone, formoterol and prednisone. (Chen)相关的主题文章: